About Us

Hello I am Matt the owner of the CTM Box Shop!  Here you will find a ton of great items to decorate your planner. With the help from my team you will find just about anything you need.


Meet the Team:

  • Matt is a hard working dad who runs the box shop in his spare time. He keeps an eye on the back end of things to make sure everything is running smooth. He checks up on orders and delivers all packages to the post office. He likes to be a simple white space planner but does decorate time to time,
  • Marie is a Stay at home Momma of 3, She love planners and all things planning. She has a Facebook page and a Facebook Group to showcase her designs. Her work is a direct result of her love of planners. She makes whimsical and functional planner pretties using a combination of original doodles and clip art.
  • Cheri is a stay at home Momma of one who also cares for her brother. She loves planners and all things planning. She helps run the Facebook page and group and keeps track of the PR team. She is our shop manager, the second back end. She also designs beautiful stickers. She likes to add to the darker side of the shop and lets not forget about the llamas!

To find all the info on the Box shop check here: https://linktr.ee/ctmboxshop